Emma’s April Goals

Spring is underway!  Which means yet another quarter of Shellfish Biology and lots of fun field trips with vans full of undergrads.  My first goal of the month is to be a good TA and teach my students lots of fun facts about aquatic invertebrates.  They’ve already started their independent projects and some of them look to be really interesting.

The revisions on my larval oyster and OA paper are due on Sunday.  Over the next few days I’m going to make final revisions on the manuscript and then resubmit.  Fingers crossed that my reviewers are happy with the changes.

Once the oyster paper is back in, I’m going to start working on the manuscript I wrote a draft of for Bioniformatics.  It’s a gene discovery paper in larval pinto abalone.   It still needs a bit of work, but at least I have a basic structure already written up.

I would like to make some progress on the samples that I collected at Friday Harbor for The Big Experiment.  This could be either moving forward with processing samples for proteomics or figuring out what I’m going to do about transcriptomics.  I also want to figure out what to do about exploring the effects of OA on shell structure for this same experiment.

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