March 28th – Rough Weather | Derek in the Field

Today was the first day that I had been within the estuary during a storm and I have to tell you how different the experience was compared to the first couple days of fair weather.  The winds were gusting up to 50mph from the South in some areas leaving exposed hands or face to be instantly frozen.  Beside from the annoyances of constant rain and harsh winds the work is easily doubled for each site.  Normally the nets are not to much trouble to simply flake them onto the beach and begin the seining but with strong winds the net is picked up into the air and this causes the lead lines (bottom) of the net to flip over the floats. Once this happens there is only a minute or two to correct the problem or the set will have to be redone or discarded as the trapped fish will easily find the hole in the net and escape. While the sampling is more difficult during rough weather it is still a blast because you are working with a team and everyone is experiencing and working through the same thing.

Also of note, I have a newly found appreciation for sunny days.

-I thought this was very fascinating.
This photo shows a juvenile chum salmon with an almost fully motile sea lice infection.  This juvenile was caught near point number 7 on the Site Map (South Bay Forest).

The video shows what it is like to travel from site to site during rough weather, the video has been cropped to reduce the “shaky” motion.  What you can not see in the video is the amount of rain that is coming down.

from Internship Journal – Salmon Estuary Habitat Use

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