April 11th: Turquoise Chum | Derek in the Field

We sampled toward the mouth of the estuary at a site called Half Moon Bay, this site doesn’t contain a large diversification of species but does serve as a great place for chum to hold up before heading out to sea.  The deep blue color is controlled by the fish and will disappear if placed in a lightly colored bucket or if it is killed.  It is really amazing to see how many fish we catch so close to shore as our nets only go out roughly 30 yards from the beach.  In addition to the small area being sampled there is a large about of noise created from flaking the net, running the boat and from us running around making preparations but still we sometimes catch over a thousand fish in a single seine.  The photo below shows the deep blue color of the juvenile chum before leaving the estuary.

from Internship Journal – Salmon Estuary Habitat Use http://bit.ly/IlZodA

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