Lab Enhancements

Re-labeled drawers and cabinets in FTR 209 and FTR 213 with LARGE-font numbers. Using a QR code generator, made QR codes that link to spreadsheets of the lab inventories for FTR 209 and FTR 213. Placed the QR codes and short URLs in each room. Below are images of where the QR codes are located in each room.

Geoduck Proteomics Paper

Continued to update and format the references and supplemental files for the proteomics paper. Helped Hollie label some collection tubes for her upcoming extractions.

Transposable Elements in Oly Genome

Spent my morning getting RepeatMasker working.



Oly Big Picture Diagramming

Began diagramming the general experiment, time frame, and sampling of the O. lurida project covered by this paper.

  • Also continuing work on references and organizing/updating the supplemental files for the proteomics paper



Computer Work:

Recovered three computers from Brent’s office, two 3.0 GHz Core 2 Duo Dell Optiplex 755 machines and one Pentium 4 Optiplex GX240. Reimaged them with the 32-bit version of Ubuntu 14.04 and attempted to get ssh running, only to receive a connection refused error message. Will figure out what that means and hopefully we’ll have 2-3 new headless linux boxes for work soon!