Lab enhancements

Turns out the old QR Code generator website requires a monthly fee after a free trial in order to keep the code active. So, I made a new QR code for the lab inventory. Less fancy than the old version, but should remain free and active.

Steven and I have continued -80 organization. Top shelf of left -80 has been sorted through. Next step will be to clearly relabel (if needed) boxes of saved samples and place in metal trays, documenting contents with photos and/or spreadsheet (will begin tomorrow).

-20 in Rm 209: labeled the plastic drawers/bins 1 through 10 and added the documentation as a tab to the lab inventory which can be accessed through the QR code (new one posted in labs 209 and 213) or via the short URL: Will go through more in depth and reorganize in the containers so that related kits/chemicals/samples are together.

Assembling supplies and labeling tubes for C. gigas collection for Manchester trip for Wednesday. Will grab final things such as dry ice and a few other things tomorrow.

Other projects: Just waiting on a dissecting scope to continue Oyster seed measurements.