Proteomics software and playing with a SAN.

So Emu is being maxed out by Laura’s proteomics analysis in PECAN so we switched Roadrunner over to Linux. I spent yesterday and today getting that set up and working. I also talked with Steven about a different storage setup for the bird servers and spent the morning setting up FreeNAS in a VM.

FreeNAS looks promising, but I’ve decided that iSCSI would be a bad idea. My understanding of it is that iSCSI provides block level access (which is nice, it looks like any other drive in your PC) to the server, but is dangerous with multiple users as it will happily let you change a file someone else is working on with apparently no collision detection. Probably a bad idea for a shared storage solution! Hopefully CIFS will be good enough, but I have to figure out some way to test the effects of saturating the gigabit ethernet connection in the birds before deciding if it’s a good idea or not. Project for the weekend!

Also, I whipped up a set of methylation percentage files for all loci of Hollie’s geoduck samples for looking at the whole methylome. Those can be found here. The .all files include loci that don’t have coverage across all samples and the .short files only have loci that appear in all samples. They’re cutoff at 5x coverage also.