A look inside a Nanopure Infinity.

Last week the NIST Calibration module for the Nanopure came in to fix the Error 4: Recalibrate Meter error.
I tried the recalibration process and learned a few things in the process.

First: The manual lies. In step 7 of “Performing an Electronic Calibration Using the Optional NIST Calibration Module” the manual directs you to remove the Outlet cell connection at port P2 on the meter board. It doesn’t mean this. What it really means is remove the connection at J2, on the calibration board. When you follow the directions you just get an error during the calibration process of “No Calibration”.

Secondly, and more importantly: It turns out that Error 4 is more of a catch all “Something’s broken” error, and according to Thermo tech support, it’s likely a bad main or meter board. The calibration board is likely ok, as it passes the internal calibration step before throwing the same Error 4 as before.

I took some pictures of the process, so I figured I would post them, if only for posterity and maybe someday someone else will want to do this

1. Unplug the machine, and turn the power switch off.

2. Drain some water off of the machine to relieve internal pressure

Nanopure – 2

3. Remove the 6 screws on the back side, three on each side.

Version 2

Nanopure – 7

Nanopure – 8

4. Remove the Jumper plug, located on the upper rear edge of the right side.

Nanopure – 14

5. Open the door, and remove the 5 screws along the front bezel of the case. There are two on either side and one on the top.

Nanopure – 3

6. Grab a random box lid to store your screws and your jumper plug. The screws all appear to be of the same size and thread type, so you don’t need to keep them ordered like I did.

Nanopure – 15

7. Find someone to help you move the machine on to a cart, because you have to lift the outer case directly upwards, requiring 2x the height of the machine, and we had it set up that that did’t work.

8. This is where you stop following the directions for a moment. For step 6, I was unable to remove the electric section cover as the filter canisters were in the way. There was no need to do this anyway, as the calibration board is easily accessible from the top. Also, don’t unplug the P2 connection. It’s a lie.

Nanopure – 17

9. Unplug the connection labeled J2 on the calibration board. It’s the small board on the upper right side of the machine, if you’re facing the door.

Nanopure – 18

10. Plug the NIST module in to J2.

Nanopure – 21

11. Plug machine back in, turn on power, and press and hold the Down and Start/Stop switches, then release. “Calibrate?” Should come on the screen. Press enter. Screen should read “Calibrating”

12. Calibration is quick, less than a minute in total. When the screen reads “Calibration Done”, power down the machine and remove the power cable, then reverse the directions above to put the machine back together.

13. After the machine is re-assembled, power it on and pray you don’t see another “Error 4” pop up after the “Calibration OK” and the Initial Sensitivity measurement comes up.