Kaitlyn’s Notebook: Moving on to Jupyter

I’ve been working with Bash the last couple of days. I’m running Bash on my Windows (which is capable of running a Linux based shell with the latest Windows update). There are definitely still some challenges. I found out you must change your home directory due to Windows file organization, but I am able to navigate my PC through Bash fairly effectively. I can now create directories and delete files, however I am still confused about utilizing pipes and filters in Bash so I’m still attempting to understand/work through this on Bash as well as opening files through the terminal. Most functions transfer over well from Linux to Windows except opening files. There is a patch from Windows as well as a few workarounds including running cbwin (another terminal) which runs through Bash. While it is a lot of work, running linux through Windows seems like the better option once I figure out these bugs because of the ability to use linux based commands which permits more actions.

While continuing to manage Bash, I’ve also downloaded Anaconda3 which includes Python 3.6 and Jupyter. I’m familiarizing myself with Jupyter (which I open through the GUI system until I figure out Bash). Once I am more comfortable with Jupyter, I will move onto running Blast so that I can run the oyster proteomics data through Blast and hopefully identify some proteins!