Laura’s Notebook: Day 48 Activities

Upon arrival, pH & temp looked good, all tanks were flowing.

pH 04-04-2017

One note: every morning that I have been at Manchester the algae header tank has been empty, and PSRF usually refills it at the end of the day (~4pm). They have stated that the feed level lasts ~18 hours.

Collected water samples, below is a photo of the data sheet. Again, I used Rick’s Sond (?) for the salinity measurement, as well as recorded uS/cm from our salinity probe.

data sheet 04-04-2017


Changed the 1um filter, rinsed the 10um and 20um filters

PSRF has been keeping track of the Reed’s shellfish diet used for our experiment. Here are the data sheets:

algae fed 1

algae fed 2

I downloaded the HOBO data from March, here’s a sneak peak at the tank temperatures: HOBO-Data-March2017.pdf

from The Shell Game