Fine flounder reproduction was induced…

Fine flounder reproduction was induced at the IMARPE laboratory. 10 individuals of the 3 (IMARPE-12), 40 (IMARPE-18) and 60 (IMARPE-19) days post-hatching were collected. Samples were stored in RNAlater. RNAzol was used for the isolation of the total RNA. DNA-free ™ DNA Removal Kit AM1906 was used to remove the DNA. RNA samples were sent in RNAstable columns for their sequencing. Three samples were sequenced in one lane.

RNA sequencing conditions were as follows:
Platform: HiSeq2500-High Throughput Mode
Library: Illumina TruSeq stranded mRNA
Read Length: Illumina 100bpPE
Number of reads: 100-150 millions / sample type

Results of RNA-Seq were as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 2.13.36 pm