Hyak and you pt 1. Logging in.

I mentioned before there’s going to be a steep learning curve for Hyak, so I will attempt to document them both here, and on the forthcoming wiki page for LabDocs.

Hyak is generally like any other remote computer you can ssh into, with some caveats. First, there are different types of nodes you can be accessing at any point in time. There are login nodes (for logging in), build nodes(For building programs. These are the only nodes that have access to the internet), and execute nodes(the nodes for actual work).

Logging in using your UW NetID:

First, ask me either via email or in person to add you to the list of users for our node and then

ssh UWNetID@mox.hyak.uw.edu

in your favorite terminal application greets you with

Entrust passcode: 

The first password is your normal NetID password, the Entrust passcode is the number from the Entrust token you get by requesting it from here

After inputting both of those, you’re sitting on a login node. This has most of the normal commands you’re used to from Emu and Roadrunner, except it’s running Red Hat Enterprise as opposed to the Debian based Ubuntu you’re used to. This means no apt-get, instead we get to use yum.

Since we’ll be installing programs from GitHub and other places, we’ll need to switch to a build node

srun -p build --time=2:00:00 --pty /bin/bash

will request a build node be reserved for us for 2 hours. The --time argument for a build node maxes out at 8 hours, and some thought here regarding how long we’ll be actively using the build node is important, as these are shared resources and others may need them also.

Next on Hyak and You, Installing Pitchfork, Blasr, and PBJelly.