Kaitlyn’s Notebook: BLAST on Jupyter

I went out with the #LabLadies and shucked my first oyster! I also really enjoyed looking around the Manchester facility and working with everyone! (Thanks for inviting me guys!)

I’ve also finally figured out how to work Github and Jupyter. I’ve now successfully ran a file through BLAST using Jupyter, although it was a practice file downloaded from the internet rather than the pacificoysterdata. I still have to figure out to BLAST that file or if that is the correct file to BLAST. Anyway, I was having problems because I wasn’t specifying the entire path but with a little help from Sam, I finally got it figured out! I also created my first repository, and although it looks pretty empty right now, I’ve moved directories in and out as well as individual files. I’m using the terminal to do this. I did download GitHub Desktop but because I was already working in the terminal so much, it made more sense to me. I understand a lot more of the terminology now as well as how GitHub tracks file changes in your computer. It was pretty exciting getting it all to finally work for me!

Finally, I’m working on an anemone project for my BIO463 (Advanced Physiology) class. I am going to manipulate salinity (hypoosmotic conditions) and temperature (increase) and then test tentacle flexion, tentacle retraction time, changes in symbiote presence and possible tentacle regeneration time of Aiptasia. I ordered them from Carolina Catalogs and they are surprisingly large (about 5cm)! Unfortunately, their symbiote presence will probably prevent the ability to look at methylation patterns however I will learn a lot about anemones for this project and hopefully I can do a separate project  studying changes in global methylation patterns for the Roberts Lab.