Laura’s Notebook: Oly Sampling, Post-OA, Group K

April 13th, 2017: Returned to Manchester solo to sample the K population (Katherine’s oysters spawned in 2015)


Wow, I made good time! Arrived at 8:00 AM, was finished at 4:30 PM, included a 30-minute lunch break. Sampled 60 oysters from 4 treatments (12 bags).

Sampling scheme

Shucked and pulled 5 tissue samples from each oyster:

  • Flash-frozen in ethanol/dry ice bath, and stored in -80 in Rick’s Lab: Mantle (M), Ctenidia (C), Adductor (A)
  • Excess tissue (any type) for DNA (E), stored in 1 mL ethanol and placed in fridge in rm 209
  • Visceral Mass for Histology, oriented with right valve facing up, left valve facing down – the section will be taken from the left-valve side, which is the side not likely injured by the act of shucking.
    Tube Label Population Treatment # Sampled
    K-6-16 to K-6-30 K chilled T, low pH 15 (5/rep)
    K-6-31 to K-6-45 K chilled T, ambient pH 15 (5/rep)
    K-10-16 to K-10-30 K ambient T, low pH 15 (5/rep)
    K-10-31 to K-10-45 K ambient T, ambient pH 15 (5/rep)

How ripe are these 2 year old oysters?

I was interested to see if any of these oysters would show developed gonads. A few did (the larger ones), but many did not. Here are some snap shots of what I saw:

This cassette was the first 9 oysters I sampled, all from K-chilled-low pH file_000



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Laura’s Notebook: Re-Arranging Oly’s for Conditioning

The next stage of the experiment is to condition my Olys in preparation for spawning. To do so, I need to get them on a system where I could gradually (1degC/day) raise the temperature of their tank from ambient (~10degC) to 18degC. Worked with Ryan Crim to figure out how best to do this:

  • Condensed all Olys into one 100L tank.
  • Sourced water from the ambient line that is not connected to the OA system; this line is filtered down to 5um (upon entering the hatchery). Set flow rate to 1.5 L/min.
  • Set the algae dosing pump to 45 (this is the large pump that is installed on the wall). The water line is shared by Yaamini’s oysters and some spare oysters. All told, the flow rate on the line is ~6 L/min:
  • Connected tank to a pump that recirculated water through the Teco TANK TK-500 1/6 HP Aquarium Chiller (also heats!).
  • Set heater to 11degC (51.8degF). Instructed PSRF to increase temp to 12degC tomorrow.




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