Laura’s Notebook: Oly Sampling, Post-OA, Group K

April 13th, 2017: Returned to Manchester solo to sample the K population (Katherine’s oysters spawned in 2015)


Wow, I made good time! Arrived at 8:00 AM, was finished at 4:30 PM, included a 30-minute lunch break. Sampled 60 oysters from 4 treatments (12 bags).

Sampling scheme

Shucked and pulled 5 tissue samples from each oyster:

  • Flash-frozen in ethanol/dry ice bath, and stored in -80 in Rick’s Lab: Mantle (M), Ctenidia (C), Adductor (A)
  • Excess tissue (any type) for DNA (E), stored in 1 mL ethanol and placed in fridge in rm 209
  • Visceral Mass for Histology, oriented with right valve facing up, left valve facing down – the section will be taken from the left-valve side, which is the side not likely injured by the act of shucking.
    Tube Label Population Treatment # Sampled
    K-6-16 to K-6-30 K chilled T, low pH 15 (5/rep)
    K-6-31 to K-6-45 K chilled T, ambient pH 15 (5/rep)
    K-10-16 to K-10-30 K ambient T, low pH 15 (5/rep)
    K-10-31 to K-10-45 K ambient T, ambient pH 15 (5/rep)

How ripe are these 2 year old oysters?

I was interested to see if any of these oysters would show developed gonads. A few did (the larger ones), but many did not. Here are some snap shots of what I saw:

This cassette was the first 9 oysters I sampled, all from K-chilled-low pH file_000



from The Shell Game