Laura’s Notebook: Pubathon – 14 Day Goals

I’m in the midst of my first Pub-a-thon, a Roberts Lab competition. Thus far I’ve drafted methods & some background/intro language that I’ve pulled from my Oly proposal. Things have stagnated recently; it’s time to get serious. Here are the 14-day goals:

Geoduck Environmental Proteomics paper

  • Gather some missing info from Micah/Alex (e.g. environmental data)
  • Perform lit review on geoduck/clams, bivalve protein response to various environments
  • Outline geoduck-specific background section

Ostrea lurida epigenetic inheritance paper – mostly a matter of gathering data & analyzing:

  • Mess with temperature data – synthesize into a plot
  • See if I can pull pH data from website, and/or if Doug can find the missing pH data
  • Identify best method for anayzing histology images
  • Research best method to use for DNA Methylation analysis; and what other analyses should I consider?

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Yaamini’s Notebook: Demultiplexing Update 3

My files are done converting!

I uploaded them OWL, so they can be found here.

Emma is going to run pecanpie for us because our lab computers take too long to run the program, and do not allow us to construct our runs the way we want. I sent her the following information:

converted mzML files background proteome revised isolation scheme

Now I sit back and wait for pecanpie to work its magic. I’ll replace the oyster seed .blib I used for Skyline analyses with the .blib this process generates and reanalyze my data.

from the responsible grad student