Laura’s Notebook: planning next round of geoduck extractions

Which samples to extract next?

I have a total of 180 geoduck samples with the following distribution:



  • Very low # of samples in Skokomish; is this b/c netting on pvc pipes came off and thus caused predation? I think so.
  • Micah also mentioned that in Skokomish the little patch of eelgrass was in the middle of a freshwater seep; saturation was much lower there, so for the purposes of comparing eelgrass vs. no eelgrass, SK is not an ideal site.
  • One WB sample from last run (#131) was not extracted correctly/tissue escaped my tube, so I need to replace that sample.
  • W/o SK site, total sample # is 162;


  • Smallest common denominator per group = 6; extract 6 samples per, then = 96 total,
  • I already ran 7 of these samples, so that leaves 89 left to do.
  • Lab logistics: do 4 rounds of extractions (24, 24, 17, 24) on randomly selected samples

Yaamini and I inventoried our extraction supplies today, and we need a sonicator (Genome Sciences’ is on the fritz] and several other things

Looking to begin extractions once the ordered items arrive.

from The Shell Game