Katie’s Notebook: First day at Manchester

I spent my first day at Manchester helping Laura screen and count her new larvae. After an initial walk through, Laura taught me how to screen, sample and count the contents of each bucket.

We started off sampling larvae that had been screened through 160um, 140um, 120um, and 100um with the goal of collecting growth rate data. Laura did the screening and I did the sampling and counting.
-I was given tripours containing the larvae from each size screening (4 tripours/bucket) that I filled to 200mL
-I took triplicate 0.5mL samples (dense amounts of larvae) or triplicate 1.0mL samples (less dense).
-Fixed wells with Lugols and recorded counts.

After a couple buckets we changed tactics and Laura decided to just screen to see if larvae were above or below a designated size. Since they all are pretty small right now we just screened the buckets through 100um screens to get total counts. Almost no larvae in the initial buckets were over 160um.

-Screened new larvae through 224um screen onto sorting table filled with FSW.
-Placed 2x100um screens under sorting table- top one clean and vortexed.
-Drained sorting table onto 100um screen.
-Collected larvae in tripour.
-Labeled with tape, left on bench while I collected the other groups.
-Vortexed sorting table & screens between groups.
-Sampled triplicates from each group, but did not fix with Lugols because we wanted to make sure we were able to distinguish between alive and dead larvae!