Laura’s Notebook: May 22nd, 2017

Arrival Inspection

  • Larval table, top row:
    • Lots of bubbles on side of buckets; after speaking with PSRF this is likely a sign of supersaturated water (N or O).
    • Color very light – it appears that I have the same un-even algae distribution problem on this table.
    • Air stones not bubbling enough- I opened their valves a bit more and that worked. Seems like this is another depressurization issue. Not sure why.
    • Lots of larvae pooled on bottom of buckets- likely due to a combination of the above issues.


  • Larval table, bottom row:
    • banjos very dirty, but not clogged
    • air stones working well
    • algae concentration appears appropriate
  • Broodstock Table:
    • Things appear stable!
    • Very few bubbles on the sides of buckets
  • Larvae present in:
    • SN-10 amb B
    • NF-6 amb A
    • SN-6 low A
    • SN-6 amb B
    • NF-10 low A
    • K-6 low
    • K-10 amb

Today’s Tasks:

  • Moved all buckets that were on the top shelf of the larval table to the bottom shelf. Buckets that were on top shelf were: 11, 12, 13, 16.
    • Took photo of buckets 16 & 5 next to each other-obvious difference in algae concentration. img_8020
  • Cleaned banjos in larvae
  • Spoke with Ryan about June:
    • They do not know whether staff will be working weekends through June. If they don’t, then people w/o access cards/keys won’t have access to the lab. I asked whether, in that situation, PSRF would be able/willing to work my project on weekends. Ryan said maybe Jade or Stuart could- or perhaps one of them could run my project…
    • Ryan is going to talk to Stuart and consider whether Stuart or Jade could take the lead for my project while I’m at FHL. Will get an answer tomorrow.
  • Counted larvae collected yesterday
  • Imaged larvae collected yesterday
  • Collected new larvae, sampled, counted, stocked
    • Not too many larvae today. I’m streamlining this process, but currently takes a couple hours. Collection from today: 56999bb1-7cdc-4898-a156-e92e2c0fbaa4
  • Collected excess larvae in 2mL vials froze. Labeling scheme will be numerical:
    • Date, Oly, Vial # e.g. “5/22/2017 Oly 1-A”
    • I had saved excess larvae from 5/20 & 5/21, so I sampled those and the excess from today: fc88fe67-90d9-4733-bd5a-0f66f7f880fb
  • Determined how I should collect larval samples, and how frequently
    • I will collect larval samples daily when there are >10k excess larvae
    • Collection will occur after stocking buckets – I will save tripours with remaining larvae, then pull 2 samples each of 10k
  • Figure out how to fix the over saturation situation
    • Ryan said I could install small degassing columns on each bucket, that the water would flow through prior to entering the bucket. Hmm….
  • Figure out how to fix the algae concentration situation on the larval tank – not enough space to plumb algae input further back. Options could be:
    • Connect top and bottom manifold at other end to create a circular flow
    • Plumb in 2 pumps for each shelf

By the way, this is my banjo setup, which works very nicely in the quick-change: img_7926

To Do Tomorrow:

  • Replace drippers
  • Replace banjos
  • Measure dripper rate @ larval tank
  • Collect water sample for algae counts from each dripper – yikes!
  • Record broodstock & larvae group locations on tables/manifolds
  • Screen larvae for different size classes, count, re-stock buckets:
    • Screen through…. 140, 160, 180 … ?
    • Sample for counts & images
    • Sample for freezer
    • Stock buckets – method depends on # surviving larvae

To Do with time:

  • Make connection for freshwater – to do Thursday

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