Laura’s Notebook: May 27th, 2017

Here are some charts of the Oly larvae that I’ve collected & counted to date



Some documentation

Arrival inspection

Larval buckets:

  • Test bucket Check:
    • Not overflowing, despite not changing banjo yesterday.
    • T = 17.25 (T1)
    • pH = 7.88 (Durafet 2)
  • Aeration looks good
  • Algae concentration looks a bit weak – increased dosing rate from 60 -> 70
  • New larvae in following catchment buckets:
    • K-10 Low – a bit
    • HL10 Low – a ton!
    • SN-6 Low B – a lot
    • SN-10 Low B- a lot
    • NF-6 Low B – a bit
    • NF-6 Amb A- a bit
  • Maybe some in:
    • NF-10 Low B
    • NF-10 Low A
    • SN-6 Amb A
    • NF-10 Amb A
    • NF-6 Amb B

Need to buy:

  • 15 feet 1/2 pvc flex hose (for freshwater flush)
  • 1/4” tube connectors – straight
  • 1/8” tube connectors- Y’s and straight

Need to make:

  • Fresh water connection
  • Pipe with lots of holes for catch freshwater flush outflow
  • Microculch
  • Assemble setting tank silos

Tasks Today

  • Collect new larvae, stock, sample excess – DONE
    • This went smoothly, except that the banjo was left off group HL-10 low pH yesterday, so I therefore likely lost larvae. there still was quite a bit on the bottom of the bucket, but because of this likely fewer # of larvae in the bucket I added extra from today’s spawn.
  • Make freshwater connection – NOT COMPLETE, but I figured ou what I need to purchase
  • Clean top row broodstock & all components – DONE
  • Record location of top shelf broodstock on manifold – DONE
  • Change all banjos, drippers – DONE
  • Feed – DONE. used – 1/2 Ciso, 1/2 CGW
    • Increased algae capacity so I can take Sunday off:
      • 200L for larval tank
      • 200L for other tank
      • 100L for gigas
  • Image plates – NOT DONE

Discovered a flat tire on my bike, called an Uber- only $17, and he arrived within 15 minutes. Pretty sweet.

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