Katie’s Notebook: 6/1/17

Took Laura’s K-treatment oysters to UW today, and discussion started about what projects I might be interested in doing this summer. We put the oysters in separate containers by temperature and OA treatment in warm salt water after being in a cooler all night to see if they would open up or spawn. We saw some activity, but are going to leave them overnight and then Steven will separate them all out into individual beakers tomorrow morning. Hopefully we get lucky and some were brooding and we see some larvae! We are hoping to do some experimenting with how I could best track spawning time and larval release.

I also spent some time researching small cameras that are used to record activity underwater and maybe even inside the oyster. Endoscopes are what have been used most often on bivalves. Specifically with investigating food movement throughout the gills and just general movement of particles taken in from the water. They come in a variety of sizes/quality.