Katie’s Notebook: Manchester Week 2

After learning the full routine of screening, sampling, counting, restocking, and then collecting all the extra larvae to be frozen last week, things went much more quickly today. Laura was doing a lot of rearranging to make sure all her larval buckets are getting the same quality of food and are under the same conditions. I collected any new larvae that had spawned to screen through 100um and sample for counts. We got all the rearranging and restocking done before lunch!

After lunch Laura and I discussed possible research projects for me to work on this summer. Some of our ideas included:
-Histology + larval counts and how long does one oyster spawn
-Respiration experiment, metabolic difference
-Observing new larvae size differences from different treatments
-O2 trials?
-Mechanical stress or feeding experiment + mortality rate

We were very interested in discussing the project concerning the observation of the new larvae. Possibly using imageJ to track size differences and growth. This would be interesting because this work has been done on Pacific oysters, but not Olympic oysters who brood their young. It also would contribute to Laura’s project as well.

I was sent home with 15 oysters from each of the 4 treatments from the K-group that I will take to UW on 6/1 in case I want to use those for my project.