Yaamini’s Notebook: DNR Speed Vacuum Round 2

Yaamini vs. CentriVap: The Sequel

Armed with leftover donuts and mini muffins, I spent my Saturday dueling my old nemesis, the CentriVap speed vacuum. Last time I used it, it kept me up late. This time I was prepared. I came in on a weekend and loaded my samples before anyone else could use the machine.

Step 1: Obtain digested samples from -80ºC

I got samples from both round 2 and round 3 of trypsin digestion.

Step 2: Load samples into speed vacuum

  • Make: CentriVap (R) Refrigerated Centrifugal Concentrators
  • Model: 7310021
  • Program Number: 4
    • Temperature: 4ºC
    • Refrigeration: Yes
  • Ensure samples are balanced

Step 3: Start speed vacuum

At 11 a.m., Genn needed to use the speed vacuum for 1.5 hours. She placed my samples in the fridge while she used the machine She also noted that some of my centrifuge tubes were colored, which could lead to some dye residue in the mass spectrometer. Emma believes that this should be taken care of with desalting. Additionally, there was no evidence of any dye contaminant in our previous run, so I think we’ll be fine. It’s just something to know for later!

Step 4: Remove samples

I let the speed vacuum run until there was only 20 µL of liquid left in snaptop centrifuge tubes.

Table 1. Time I removed samples from the speed vacuum. Samples were placed back in the -80ºC immediately.

from the responsible grad student http://ift.tt/2rRrcaJ