Katie’s Notebook: Larvae on Day 1 at UW

Today I went checked out the water my oysters were put in yesterday and the K-10 pH 8 water had a ton of larvae in it! The oysters had been moved to smaller containers of water early this morning, so I was able to sample, count, and image the larvae using yesterdays water.

Counts 6/2/17:
Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 2.15.33 PM

Some images of the new larvae:


Moving forward we were thinking about designing an experiment where we observe individual oysters as then spawn. This would allow us to try and track how rapidly they release larvae, how many larvae they’re producing, and potentially allow us to videotape the process. It would take a bit of luck because we would have to put the oysters in individual beakers and hope that a few of them are brooding!

There are a lot of relatively inexpensive waterproof endoscope options on amazon. Ones similar to this look like they might work: