Grace’s Notebook: June 6, 2017

More oyster seed morphology for Rhonda: link to spreadsheet: here; link to images folder: here.

Grace’s Notebook: June 5, 2017

(Apparently I have a personal WordPress that I accidentally posted this to yesterday)

Yesterday I helped Laura with her oyster project at Manchester!

My duties involved pipetting samples from tri-pours (containers) and counting the larvae (live and dead) in each sample.

There were 20-something buckets that were sampled. Each bucket was screened at 224, 180, and 100 microns. I typically sampled 3ml from the 224 tri-pours, 1-2 ml from the 180 tri-pours, and 0.5ml from the 100 micron tri-pours. I then recorded the total volume of the tri-pour sampled (as it fluctuated from tri-pour to tri-pour) in order for Laura to be able to calculate down the line a rough estimate of how many larvae are in a given volume.

In the samples with many larvae, most larvae were resting on the bottom. There were a few samples where it seemed most of the larvae were moving fast, which made it difficult to count.

In a few of the low-pH buckets, there were many empty (dead) shells. In others, there were little to no larvae to count. Look to Laura’s notebook for updated data on these counts, as I have left the data with her.

Here’s a picture of me in my lemon crocs from today (photo credit: Steven and his headband go-pro):