Katie’s Notebook: Getting started (histology)

Grace showed me how to image histology slides today in the same way as she did the post-overwintering samples. I will image all of the slides at low (4x) and high (40x) magnification with the high magnification looking at the gonads of the oyster and the low magnification being the zoomed out image of the same place. Some of the oysters were split between slides or moved around after Laura sent them in, but between her histology key and her images of what the oysters looked like in the cassettes I’ve been able to figure out which oysters are which.

The pictures are labeled in the same way as Laura’s histology key (location-overwintering temp-sample #) and then labeled as either high or low (magnification). I was unable to find any gonad tissue in a couple of the smaller oysters and I will have to go back and figure out a way to make a note of that. The two I was unable to find gonad tissue in thus far were HL-10_14 and HL-6_11.

Here is the URL for the drive where I will be uploading all my images: