Grace’s Notebook: June 21, 2017

  1. Today I took pictures of all (except Silo 9 Day 13) oyster seed cryotubes so that I can more easily measure them using ImageJ whenever I have free time.
  2. I also did some scrounging around for missing data for revisions to the Heare et. al paper – Evidence of Ostrea lurida (Carpenter 1864) population structure in Puget Sound, WA. Found some of it in a master data sheet (link: here) and am still looking for some survival data. Link to Jake’s online notebook blog kept during the project: here.
  3. I also took some images of some larvae that are in 50ml tubes. The goal is to image them such that one image has 100 easily-countable larvae. It looks like the tubes have a  lot of things in there that aren’t larvae. Here are the images:

    Will work on this more Friday when I’m in.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I’m off to Manchester to assist Laura!