Katie’s Notebook: Imaging 6/26/17

Took pictures of slides 12-16 today. Ran into a few problems as one of the cassettes (14) isn’t photographed or just wasn’t included in the file I’ve been looking at on Laura’s GitHub. This ALSO happens to be a slide that was split into two slides and contained oysters from two different treatments. So there really is no way to tell which oysters are which on slide 14.

Summary of issues/notes on the slides I worked on today:
Oly 12 slide: There are 6 oyster locations listed on the histology key, but only 5 oysters on the slide/cassette. All the of the supposed 6 oysters were HL-6, so I am not too concerned.
Oly 13 slide: HL-10_18, not sure if I captured gonad tissues
Oly 14 slide: Split slides. 3 smaller oysters on the first slide and two larger oysters on the second. From Laura’s key it looks as if the largest oyster was supposed to be NF-10_26 (third numerically on slide 14), but it was on the second slide. I called the inked oyster and middle oyster on slide one HL-10_20 and HL-10_21, the super large oyster on the second slide NF-10_26, the third oyster on the first slide I called NF-10_25, and the smaller oyster on slide two I called NF-10_27. Unless the original picture can be found though this is just my best guess.
Oly 15 slide: no problems
Oly 16 slide: no problems

I will go back through once I’m done and accumulate a list of the oysters I was unsure about or couldn’t find gonad tissue for. I should be done by the end of this week.

****note: 7/7/17 Found picture of slide 14, fixed image titles on google drive and all tissues have been identified