Laura’s Notebook: Manchester 7/8

Moved >450um seed to upwellers; combined 180um setters; standard maintenance water change, etc.

Saturdays are good for special projects. Today I retrofitted the tank outside to act as both an upweller and downweller, and moved all setters that hold on a 450um screen to the upwelled silos. Here’s how:

  • Cut 1” pipe and connected T’s and elbows to allow for 14 silos, 7 “manifolds” with 2 silos each
  • Added 450um screen to the outflow of each upweller silo. This is to ensure no rogue seed find their way into the downwelled silos, as the outflow from upwellers will flow into the downwelled silos.
  • Installed taller stand pipe
  • Surprisingly, this took circa 4 hours. These silos are old, pvc components sparse, and as far as I know this arrangement has never been done before, so it took some time to figure out, and to make sure flow was consistent everywhere.

Graduated 450um setters to upwelled tanks

Screened outside setters through 450um and those that held were moved to the new upweller 450um silo. Those that did not hold were put back into the 180um silo, then married with the 180um contents from the inside setting tank. I currently have room for 15 downwelled silos and 14 upwelled silos outside. I can make room for 16 each, but the limiting factor is pvc components. Will go to the store tomorrow to pick up what’s needed (if they have it; I need a 1” –> 1/2” reducing connection)

I did not graduate up the following groups:

  • Mixed SN10 group (all left in downweller)
  • HL-6 Ambient & HL-6 Low; this is because I didn’t have any of these groups outside, and the larvae has only recently been addedd (most on 7/3, 7/6) so none likely will hold on 450um. I will move these HL-6 groups outside in their downwelled silos as soon as I get the components.

The inside setting tanks are now mostly empty (except for HL-6 grps), silos cleaned, ready for the next wave.

Standard maintenance

  • No new larvae
  • Rinsed larval catchment buckets
  • Changed banjos – they were super dirty
  • Fed everything
  • SN Growth exp water change image

from The Shell Game