Katie’s Notebook: 7/14/17

I finished labeling the oyster tissues for all the other slides/cassettes other than the ones being sampled for RNA that I had already completed. I didn’t go back through and double check all the slides with tissues from the K-treatment oysters because all the oysters in each cassette for the most part are from the same temperature and OA conditions. I did double checked if there were oysters from different treatments on the same slide to make sure to at least differentiate those. All of the labeled cassettes/slides for the the OA treatment are complied here.


I also went back through and had another look at all the slides I originally thought didn’t contain any gonad tissue. I figured as I have looked at hundreds of oysters now I may be able to better find small areas of gonad tissue and I was right! I uploaded and staged all the pictures of the oysters that I preciously had skipped so every oyster Laura used for histology is now documented. I am going to add this new data into my excel document today and start regenerating figures.