Grace’s Notebook: July 17, 2017 – Manchester

Today, Laura was at SLU prepping for her SRM. So, Olivia, Kaitlyn, and I took over her Manchester oyster duties.

For Laura:

We began by doing the usual: screening the larvae.

Kaitlyn screened (224, 180, and 100 µm screens for live larvae, and 100 µm for mortality larvae).

Olivia brought Kaitlyn the buckets, cleaned them before they were re-stocked, rinsed the setting oysters outside, and sprayed the in-line filters with fresh water.

I sampled the larvae from the tri-pours, counted them, and restocked. If there were any 224 larvae, they were put in the setting tanks. The 180 and 100s were restocked into the larvae buckets. If within a sample group there were no 100 µm, then the 180 and 224 were stocked into the setting silos, and the large larvae buckets were taken down. That occurred for five bucket sets:

NF6 Low

SN10 Low

HL6 Amb

SN6 Amb

K10 Amb

Below are images of the notebook I kept during the screening process:


Next, we fed her growth experiment. We grabbed 500 mL Chagra, and 500 mL Tiso. Kaitlyn counted the density and did the water exchange.

For Yaamini:

We increased the gigas’ set-point to 27 ˚.

Olivia vacuumed and checked for any mortalities. There were no mortalities.

Dana from PSRF fed the gigas.