Grace’s Notebook: July 19, 2017

Today I’ve been re-familiarizing myself with BLAST and Jupyter. I have done BLAST, sql-sharing, and grep-ing before using iPython (link to my old lab notebook with many iPython notebook links: here).  However, it has been SO long, that I feel like I’m essentially learning everything for the first time. So perhaps “re-familiarizing” isn’t the best term.

To practice, I’m figuring out how to BLAST C. gigas against swiss prot.

Link to my practice Jupyter notebook: here.

Because it takes a lot of practice and repetition in order for me to remember and understand computer work, I had a hard time remembering how to change directories, make sure file names were correct, etc., since I haven’t really had the opportunity to do anything like this in nearly two years. I’m excited to continue to do more – there’s lots to learn! A lot.