Laura’s Notebook: Checking in on my oysters

Stopped by Manchester for the AM to check on things.

  • Downwellers inside were very dirty, holding lots of water but not overflowing. I cleaned them with fresh water.
  • I have 9 larval groups left (down from 16). Changed banjos. Water flow and food all looked good, no overflows.
  • Water change on SN growth experiment. This week I don’t have time to check these oysters out, but next week I plan to look at them under the scope, and assess whether or not I can count live/dead easily, and how I can keep them separate to potentially extend the experiment (is it even possible?)
  • Outside tank:
    • Drained tank
    • Rinsed downwellers and upwellers with fresh water. Downwellers were clean (since Olivia cleaned them on Monday), but upwellers were very dirty. After rinsing them, I uncovered some beautiful oysters! Here is the NF6 Ambient silo, which has a ton of juveniles: NF6 Ambient juveniles
  • I received the 1”->1/2” reducing couplers in the mail, so I set up one more downwelling string, and moved the HL-6 Ambient & HL-6 Low 180um setting silos outside.

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