Grace’s Notebook: Manchester August 11th and 13th, 2017

I took over for Yaamini at Manchester on Friday, August 11th and Sunday, August 13th for her gigas OA larvae screening and sampling.

On Friday, a volunteer named Stephanie helped with screening the larvae on 80 and 60 micron screens. Halfway through the day, Kelsey was able to help. Kelsey screened and Stephanie did the bucket and screen cleaning, replacing of air stones, and feeding.

I sampled larvae from each screen size from each of the 24 buckets. I counted the larvae from three samples of 250µl killed with googols and took a fourth sample and placed in a tube with ethanol for freezing in the -80. I then restocked the larvae.

Sunday was a similar day, and Kaitlyn came and helped. She was in charge of screening and cleaning and shuffling the buckets. I did the sampling and counting again.

On both days, I also drained and refilled the header tank to prevent anoxic conditions, and centrifuged and removed the ethanol from the larvae samples for the -80 freezer.