Laura’s Notebook: January 2018 goals

1. Finish proteomics paper:

  • Finalize DO data
  • Incorporate info from Micah
  • Meet with stats folks to confirm methods & interpretation are OK
  • Edit intro in light of results
  • Edit Discussion
  • Decide on journal
  • Plots
  • Get feedback from Dave

    2. Analyze Oly genetics data

  • Get fully updated data from Crystal
  • Identify metrics to calculate (from meeting notes, literature)
  • Identify R package to use
  • Execute! Get preliminary results.

    3. Keep Oly Temp project chuggin along …

  • Send 1st round of Oly histology off for processing
  • Collect & sample on schedule

    4. Make headway on Oly 2017 project

  • Identify which samples to sequence using Hall grant: define which broodstock population (SN, NF, etc.) the environment clearly effected, focus on sequencing that population. Phenotypic data = 1) gonad development (histology) 2) larval production 3) larval survival
  • Identify list of water samples to process – can we do all of them?

    5. Complete & send off Australia-Americas application

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