Grace’s Notebook: April 24, 2018, RNA Isolation Update and Upcoming Goals

RNA Isolation

Today I did the last set of 9 (I mistakenly thought I did this a few weeks ago, but I hadn’t done it yet): img

I am now trying to organize my data sheets so that I can have a more streamlined and readable format for my data. I have run the Qubit on all the samples I have isolated so far.

This is my OWL notebook folder with ALL of my Qubit data sheets: here. It’s awful and a mess.

Once I have things organized and a clear idea of which sets had Qubit readings of “Out of Range”, I’ll go back and pick new samples to replace those until I have a good subset that ALL have Qubit readings of at LEAST 20ng/uL with a total volume of 50uL.

This week:

  • Organize data sheets and pick new samples to replace the “Out of range” sample sets
  • Isolate RNA for the new replacement sets (show Pam how it works when she has the time)
  • Publish DecaPod S1Ep6 (Pam answering some of my and others’ questions about the project – already recorded, just have to edit)

from Grace’s Lab Notebook