Grace’s Notebook: April 29, 2018, RNA Isolation and DecaPod S1E6

RNA Isolations

This weekend I did two sets of 9 isolations. I had to do these along with a few more sets in order to get a subset of samples that ALL have quantifiable RNA via the Qubit.

The first set from yesterday was great! All 9 samples (uninfected; ambient) had readable RNA:

Today’s set of nine (uninfected; cold) was mostly good! Just one tube had “Out of range”, and as a result, I will pick a new crab (3 samples) to replace it:


I also edited and published S1Ep6 of DecaPod during which Pam answers a few of my questions on the issue and project. This is part 1 of 2. There were a lot of questions that I had as well as some questions that others in my cohort have asked me that I didn’t know the answer to.

Crab Mtg #3

Crab Mtg #3 is on Thursday. By then I am hoping to have a subset of samples that all have quantifiable RNA, as well as run a couple samples on the Bioananalyzer with Sam.

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