Laura’s Notebook: May 2018 goals

1 month left in Seattle before shipping off to AU. Here are things that need to be done:

Finish DNR paper

  • Finish editing discussion & conclusion
  • With newfound knowledge make sure my stats are sound
  • Finalize map & plots
  • Move all pertinent data/scripts/plots over to new clean repo

2017 Oly paper

  • Finish measuring seed @ dock (time consuming, 2-person job) (2017 Oly project)
  • Make headway

Transgenerational OA Oly project (using 2017 seed):

  • Finish prepping small bags of seed to be deployed in eelgrass bed design
  • Figure out logistics for deploying 2017 seed in eelgrass – when to go out, where, when to retrieve – if prior to late September, need to get someone to do this for me.

2018 Oly project

  • Collect recruitment data from 2018 Oly project (this wil be completed by 5/24) – image for size if possible.
  • Build mesh bags and figure out/execute where to hang my new seed.
  • Send remaining histology cassettes off for processing – ASAP.


  • Prep for committee meeting
  • Send Polydora paper to potential collaborators for feedback

Things that will be on the back burner until I get back, or that an undergrad could do:

2018 Oly project:

  • Analyze 2018 Oly histology slides for sex, stage, and observations
  • Image frozen larvae and measure for size; focus on those groups that I grew (48 samples)
  • Process larval samples for lipid content
  • Process gonad samples for lipid & glycogen

2017 Oly project:

  • Image frozen larvae from this experiment and use ImageJ to measure size upon release – not sure if this is worth our time, but it could be interesting …

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