Laura’s Notebook: Where are they now?

9 months later … where are they now?

I measured four of my Olympia oyster seed batches from the 2017 experiment. This is seed I produced from broodstock that were exposed to two pH treatments (7.3, 7.8) prior to reproductive conditioning (check out this repo README). Measured thus far are 385 oysters from each of the following groups:

  1. North Sound, 6-degree low pH
  2. North Sound, 6-degree ambient pH
  3. Hood Canal, 6-degree low pH
  4. Hood Canal, 6-degree ambient pH

Takeaway – adult oysters exposed to low pH prior to reproductive conditioning produced less viable larvae (measured via survival to post-set), and carry-over effect persists to 9-month juvenile stage as size is significantly lower.

### As a reminder here’s surival for the North Sound and Hood Canal groups:

North Sound Survival Chart

Hood Canal Survival Chart

Here’s the new data, which is size (mm) at ~9 months:



Mean length and anova results:


from The Shell Game