Grace’s Notebook: Reading and Goals for now until Sept. 25th

I’ve been sick the past several days, and I’m finally feeling well enough to come in to SAFS. Today, since I’m still not back to normal, I spent the day reading some background information on SRM, Targeted proteomics, and general crab biology. I also outline some goals I have from now until the start of school on September 25th.

SRM, DIA, Skyline reading resources

General Crab Info

Pam lended me a book called “The Biology of Crabs” by G.F. Warner. It’s a great resource for biological and taxonomic background information on all things crustacean.

Goals for before school starts September 25th

  • Figure out this Skyline DIA thing once and for all! Emma has been busy, but hopefully next week she’ll be able to look at it
  • Analyze the 2015 Oysterseed data
  • As soon as the lyophilizer is fixed (hopefully soon!!), test out RNA extraction using Tri-Reagent
  • Continue to learn more background info on C. bairdi, Hematodinium, Bitter Crab disease, and the 2015 Oysterseed project

from Grace’s Lab Notebook