Kaitlyn’s notebook: Geoduck stats and 2016 DDA proteomics

Geoduck Stats

I calculated some basic stats for the 20180907-geoduck_measurements before planting. I The text below the measurements are just interpretations on the data. I didn’t calculate any p-values because the values were so similar.

2016 DDA proteomics on C. gigas larvae

Some basic stats info:

  • Kurtosis- heavy-tailed or light-tailed relative to a normal distribution [eg. widely dispersed/bell shaped (-) or mostly centered (+)]:

Kurtosis Formula in Excel

  • Skewness: measure of symmetry (left skew is negative and right skew is positive):Skewness Formula in Excel
  • Standard deviation (s or σ): (var); units same as mean (easier to make sense of data)
  • Coefficient of Variance (cov): s/μ; no units (useful when comparing variance between datasets)
  • Variance (var) = σ2; no units and more sensitive to outliers
  • Slope:       Equation for the slope of a linear regression line