Kaitlyn’s notebook: Cheese grater and kmeans

Cheese Grater

I’m using a DVR disk to download Ubuntu on Cheese Grater with these instructions (pretty vague). Note that I cannot use Boot Camp Assistant because I don’t have a windows installation disk which is prompts you for here:20180924_162253.jpg

so I read on this forum that you can just manually partition a disk as MS-DOS FAT32. When I tried to install Boot Camp, it wouldn’t let me select a partition size less than 20GB so I choose to partition the SSD2 disk and create a 25GB partition called W-MS-DOSFAT. The W is for Windows and the ret is for the MS-DOS (FAT) format. This is some info on partitions.


I tried holding down C while rebooting and the CD drive opened.

Next, I held alt and only the drives opened as a choice for booting. I selected the SSD2 on the off chance I could get to the new partition, but that didn’t work, and the CD drive opened at the login screen.

I repeated these steps and got the same result. I’m not really sure what to do next. I’m going to try reading more on reformatting the USB to see if there’s another way to fix that so it is readable unless anyone else has any suggestions…

Kmeans clustering

What seemed like the easiest stats to run on the 2016 oyster data, is not turning out to be so. I wrote down the issues I’m having here.


I also reorganized my github today and uploaded all the line plot data so all the codes and images can be easily found.