Sam’s Notebook: Installation – Microsoft Machine Learning Server (Microsoft R Open) on Emu/Roadrunner R Studio Server


Steven recently saw an announcement that Microsoft R Open now handles multi-threaded processing (default R does not), so we were interested in trying it out. I installed MLR/MRO on Emu/Roadrunner (Apple Xserve; Ubuntu 16.04). Followed the Microsoft installation directions for Ubuntu. In retrospect, I think I could’ve just installed MRO, but this gets the job done as well and won’t hurt anything.

I’ve set both Emu & Roadrunner R Studio Server to use this installation of R by changing the /etc/restudio/rserver.conf file to the following:

  # Server Configuration File # Use Microsoft R Open instead of default R version. # Comment out and restart R Studio Server (sudo rstudio-server restart) # to restore default R version. rsession-which-r=/opt/microsoft/ropen/3.4.3/lib64/R/bin/R  

I have confirmed that R Studio Server on both machines starts up and is using MRO instead of the default version of R.

from Sam’s Notebook