Sam’s Notebook: DNase Treatment – Ronit’s C.gigas Ploiyd/Dessication Ctenidia RNA


After quantifying Ronit’s RNA earlier today, I DNased them using the Turbo DNA-free Kit (Ambion), according to the manufacturer’s standard protocol.

Used 1000ng of RNA in a 50uL reaction in a 0.5mL thin-walled snap cap tube. Samples were mixed by finger flicking and then incubated 30mins @ 37oC in a PTC-200 thermal cylcer (MJ Research), without a heated lid.

DNase inactivation was performed (0.1 volumes of inactivation reagent; 5uL), pelleted, and supe transferred to new 1.7mL snap cap tube.

Samples were stored on ice in preparation for qPCR to test for residual gDNA.

DNase calculations are here:

Samples will be permanently stored here (Google Sheet):

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