Sam’s Notebook: qPCRs – Ronit’s C.gigas ploidy/dessication/heat stress cDNA (1:5 dilution)


IMPORTANT: The cDNA used for the qPCRs described below was a 1:5 dilution of Ronit’s cDNA made 20181017 with the following primers! Diluted cDNA was stored in his -20oC box with his original cDNA.

The following primers were used:


  • Cg_18s_F (SR ID: 1408)
  • Cg_18s_R (SR ID: 1409)

EF1 (elongation factor 1)

  • EF1_qPCR_5′ (SR ID: 309)
  • EF1_qPCR_3′ (SR ID: 308)

HSC70 (heat shock cognate 70)

  • Cg_hsc70_F (SR ID: 1396)
  • Cg_hsc70_R2 (SR ID: 1416)

HSP90 (heat shock protein 90)

  • Cg_Hsp90_F (SR ID: 1532)
  • Cg_Hsp90_R (SR ID: 1533)

DNMT1 (DNA methyltransferase 1)

  • Cg_DNMT1_F (SR ID: 1511)
  • Cg_DNMT1_R (SR ID: 1510)

Prx6 (peroxiredoxin 6)

  • Cg_Prx6_F (SR ID: 1381)
  • Cg_Prx6_R (SR ID: 1382)

Samples were run on Roberts Lab CFX Connect (BioRad). All samples were run in duplicate. See qPCR Report (Results section) for plate layout, cycling params, etc.

qPCR master mix calcs (Google Sheet):