Ronit’s Notebook: Candidate Genes for qPCR

I’m interested in doing a hypoosmotic stress exposure after finishing up the qPCR for the desiccation + elevated temp. samples. However, if we’re going to compare gene expression between desiccation and hypoosmotic stress samples, it’s important that some genes linked to hypoosmotic stress are examined in the desiccation samples as well to provide a basis for comparison. Here are a few classes of genes that I think might be relevant to examine:

  • Ion and amino acid channels 
    • LTrpC-8: mediates permeation for cations such as sodium, potassium, calcium
    • KCTD1: cysteine-rich protein, binds to KV channels
  • Immune response
    • CARM1: Transfer of methyl groups to histone 3 for chromatin remodeling
    • H2AV: One of the 5 main histone proteins involved in the structure of chromatin
  • Apoptosis genes 
  • Calcium binding genes