Shelly’s Notebook:

FFAR meeting

  • Can’t untangle effects from high/low pH or static/fluctuating, so include additional fluctuating low pH treatment with new geoduck
    • Hollie has a code for this
  • Why is the oxygen low on Nov 10? What is the saturation of water at 9-10C and salinity @ 29 PSU ?
  • continuous feeding:
    • bringing peristatic pump
    • there are also programmable pumps

To-do on Friday Nov 16

  1. water chemistry
    • discrete measurements
      • pH tris curve
    • titrator
      • pH cal
      • CRM
      • water samples
  2. hemolymph samples from all animals
    • supplies needed:
      • liquid nitrogen carrier
      • at least 150 microfuge colored LABELLED tubes replace (need to order more)
      • needles
      • syringes
      • centrifuge (can we set the freezer to 4C and put it in there?)
      • styrofoam containers for carrying samples on ice to centrifuge (ice packs in freezer in garage)
      • p1000 and tips for transferring lymph
  3. labels for animals (can do this while taking hemolymph)
    • maybe just mark with paint pen for now?
  4. automate data download
    • enable remote access to router
    • test data download from dry lab building
  5. calibrate temp probes
  6. Set up tanks 5 and 6 with gas
    • need to order 4 more pumps
    • do we have probes for these?
  7. Think about respirometry
    • Presens is expensive, and preferred to stay in the dry lab
    • carting water (for containers and water bath) is lots of labor
    • need a solution

Need to order: