Kaitlyn’s notebook: clustering without day 0

I redid the hierarchical clustering of the combined silo 3 and 9 datasheet without day 0.

Include Day 0 Remove Day 0
Agglomerate coefficient 0.9964979 0.9976217
Cophenetic correlation 0.9477519 0.9630485
Clusters 41 84
Diferentially clustered proteins 33 213

31 “diferentially clustered proteins” remained differentially clustered whether day 0 was included or excluded. So, removing day 0 causes more proteins to cluster separately (the agglomerate coefficient is slightly increased).

  • i.e., removing day 0 causes more proteins to be identified as having different abundances.
    • All abundances are the same for both silos on day 0 since no treatment had been administered yet.
      • Removing day 0 means that only days following treatment are analyzed which makes more sense since we are attempting to identify proteins that have different abundances during treatment only.


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