Kaitlyn’s notebook: Proteomics paper


Referenced from Shelly’s post

  • Compare ASCA proteins (high loadings) with hierarchical cluster (differentially clustered) proteins
    • make raw abundance line plots facetted by protein
    • examine if GO enrichment changes when ASCA and cluster proteins are combined
  • Determine how time is factored into the cluster
  • Determine if the permutation test with ASCA tests needs to be improved for the high loadings proteins to be considered highly influential
  • Redo BLAST of CHOYP proteins to 2018 Uniprot database
  • Begin identifying and locating data files that we need to deposit in public protein repository (i.e. ProteomeXchange and PeptideAtlas)
    • need to regenerate ‘table_blastout_gigatonpep-uniprot’
    • need fasta file of the peptides ID’d by mass spec
    • make a simplified supplementary table containing CHOYP IDs, UniProt Accessions, e.val, Protein names, Gene names
      • Can modify current datasheet to get this info as well

Completed tasks

Paper questions

Question: Does temperature influence the proteome of larval C. gigas, and if so, how?

Referenced from Shelly’s post

  • Do we need to explain we did 2 x 4 treatments, or just say we did 1 x 2 treatments?
  • Do we have survival data for other silos to compare to silo 2, 3, and 9?
    • Can we rule out silo 2 as an anomaly or should we include it?