Sam’s Notebook: qPCR – Relative mitochondrial abundance in C.gigas diploids and triploids subjected to acute heat stress via COX1

Using the C.gigas cytochrome c oxidase (COX1) primers I designed the other day, I ran a qPCR on a subset of Ronit’s diploid/triploid control/heat shocked oyster DNA that Shelly had previously isolated and performed global DNA methylation assay. The goal is to get a rough assessment of whether or not there appear to be differences in relative mitochondrial abundances between these samples.

I used 50ng (2uL) of DNA in each qPCR reaction. The DNA had been previously diluted to 25ng/uL by Shelly when performing her DNA methylation assay (Google Sheet), however I did need to prepare a dilution for sample T02 (control, triploid), as there wasn’t an existing 25ng/uL dilution in her box:

  • 5.54uL stock DNA (27ng/uL )
  • 0.46uL H2O