Laura’s Notebook: January 2019 Goals

  • Submit geoduck proteomics data to PRIDE
  • Publish skyline project files on panoramapublic
  • Submit geoduck eelgrass revision
  • Format polydora paper for JSR
  • Submit polydora paper to JSR
  • 2017 Oly paper, “Transgenerational carryover effects of parental low pH exposure in the Olympia oyster (Ostrea lurida)”
    • Identify journal
    • Finish Discussion
    • Finish Introduction
    • Write abstract
  • Bipass proposal
    • incorporate final geoduck paper, olympia transgenerational paper
    • draft list of proposal options with details
    • schedule deadline
  • Email Deborah about WA Sea Grant event
  • Poster for Sea Grant – update geoduck poster, OR do Oly QuantSeq project

from The Shell Game